Statement for Sherry’s quotations

Dear friends:

Ni Hao!

I apologize for not always being able to respond to your inquires on a timely basis. I always want to give the best service to my friends whether in Sherrys Place on Shamain Island or through But it has been very busy here lately. I am even finding it difficult to spend a lot of time with customers in our private courtyard. So I ask you please be patient with me. I have all of your inquiries. I just need to find the time to respond. I do hope you understand.

Specials for Adoptive Families

As you know, when adopting families visit Sherrys Place on Shamian Island, we always try to provide special discounts. We would like to continue that tradition for purchases made on our website. Now, when you place new orders through, please include a short story. Wed love to hear about your first visit to Sherrys Place, about getting a special price from us. Or a story about a nice visit you had in our courtyard. Or, generally, tell us about your adoption journey. And, of course, wed love to hear about your babys life. We would then like to share your stories with other families. I want to create a Sherry Mama community filled with wonderful friends stories. For those who have shopped at Sherrys Place and / or have placed orders through, I would like to show you my appreciation by offering you a special discount. Please contact me.

Xie Xie for Everything

We always appreciate your valuable help and warm friendship. If you have any suggestions, please dont hesitate to e-mail me. Though these are busy days at Sherrys Place, I promise to respond to all your inquiries and offer you a special, as a token of my appreciation and affection. If we dont have your favorite gift in stock, please know that we are working hard to fulfill your order. I apologize in advance if it should take longer than expected. Please know that we always try to do our best for our dear friends.

Sincerely yours,

Sherry’s Place

Address: #1Shamian 4th Street.

Please enter to Sherry’s Place at